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Carbon preforms & cfk preforming

The carbon fibre composite components can be finished for thermosetting processes or on thermoplastic base. Details on both variants of the production of composite fibers are listed below. 

For thermosetting processes

At this connection dry rovings (carbon, glass etc.) will be filed on glass fabric, glass mat or carbon mesh. Then be soaked the dry preforms using infiltration techniques such as the RTM process with different resin systems and the preforms will be consolidated therefore. In these cases additional thermal deforming is not possible anymore.



On thermoplastic base

With this procedure so-called Hybrid-rovings – it means mixtures of glass and carbon with thermoplastic materials (e.g. PA6, PP or PEEK) – filed on a thermoplastic medium (e.g. foil).  Then, this hybrid-roving preforms by means of hot extrusion are melted very efficiently and completed directly. A subsequent forming is possible.