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series production of carbon preforms
automated fiber laying for preform production in series

Our main focus is on the production of textile semi-finished products with optimized fiber orientation for further processing.

As a series producer of CFRP preforms and fiber placements, we use state-of-the-art CNC laying machines for an automated placement onto a carrier substrate by different high-capacity fibers like carbon, aramid as well as glass.

With pleasure we implement your layouts by using CAD programs, arrange the procurement of material and finished embroidered, near-net-shapes as well as locally reinforced preforms.

We can produce preforms in dimensions of up to 2.000 x 2.000mm whereas as well several elements can be manufactured side-by-side. After laying the TFP’s are isolated by various cut techniques. They are very flexible and thus suited for a three-dimensional arrangement. Our fiber placement technology affects the good Drapability of multiaxial carbon fabrics.

Due to many years of experience in the field of smart textiles, we are also able to enhance the fiber fabrics by integrating different functions. This is accomplished by laying various wires and conducting strands. Implementations like a heating matrix, textile sensors, and many others are doable.

Our semi-finished products are the basis for composite elements that fulfill the highest demands.

Advantages Tailored-Fiber-Placement - Technology

Our products outperform other materials with characteristics like:  

  • mechanical properties, such as high strength and stiffness
  • ultra-lightweight and extraordinary strength
  • uncomplicated, efficient processing
  • individual tailoring to your needs
  • high fiber content
  • compatibility with various resin systems
  • good resin percolation
  • variable fiber direction in the component
  • high cost-efficiency


  • Industry: component parts for machines and constructions…
  • Medicine: prostheses, orthoses…
  • Automotive: car body, housings…
  • Sports/Leisure: snowboards, ski boots, binding, bicycle frames, model making…
  • Motorsports/Racing: rear spoiler, (speed) –boats, motorbikes…
  • Aerospace: aircraft industry, plane interior