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TFP - Tailored Fibre Placement, Carbon-Preforms & Smart Textiles

fiber laying of carbon rovings = hightex
automated fiber laying / manufacturing fiber preform

TFP Technology GmbH is a german manufacturer of textile fiber placements and preforms.

TFP working with the Tailored-Fiber-Placement - Technology and that means an exactly and pinpoint laying of fibers, also named Roving Laying or Automated Fiber Placement (AFP).

At the CFK-Preforming / Fiber Placement method bundled fiber strands – named rovings – are used and targeted depositioned onto a carrier substrate and fixed on. 

By this CFK processing the carrier material is steered between the stitches with the latest CNC technology and is moved thus that the rovings can be filed in any direction.

The fiber placements and preforms produced with our technology of fiber laying will be finished to fiber composite components with highest quality and very high stiffness in different ways by our customers. Our customers finish the Fiber-Preforms up to CFK components by means of infiltration process (for example RTM) or hot pressing process for high quality and extrem stiffness (thermosetting and thermoplastic procedures).

Our technology also makes it possible to process resistance wires or heating strands / conductors in any shape. Thus, it is possible for us to manufacture electrical heating elements and electric heating mats tailored to customer requirements very efficiently or to integrate them as a function in their fiber structure.

With pleasure we are also available to you as a powerful partner and efficient serial producer of preforms as base for your fiber composite components.