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Heat or regulate the temperature in seconds without hotspots.

With lightweight carbon heat mats

in various sizes (up to 2,700 mm x 10,000 mm)

in freely customizable shapes and with matching carrier materials

up to 400 °C.

Carbon fiber heating made by TFP Technology
Carbon heat mats and heating foils from the manufacturer

Carbon heat mats or heating foils are an innovative further development of classic heat mats. They use the lightweight carbon fibers or carbon fibers as heat conductors for heat transfer and thus score points with their low weight. They are also very thin, highly flexible and flame-retardant.

Carbon fiber heat mats generate heat particularly quickly. Activate and deactivate them in fractions of a second and react immediately to changes in heating requirements.

The carbon fibers are distributed evenly over the heating element and heat the entire surface homogeneously without hotspots.

We develop and produce customized heating systems for you in various sizes (up to 2,700 mm x 10,000 mm), with freely designable shapes and suitable carrier materials.

Use innovative carbon heating foils for your demanding and professional applications.

Carbon fiber heating:
technically embroidered

For the electric carbon heating elements, we embroider lightweight carbon fibers as heating conductors onto various carrier materials.

They heat particularly quickly and distribute the heat evenly.

Advantages of carbon heat mats:

No matter what challenge you are currently facing with your product or component, let us work together to find a way for an effective and sustainable heating solution.

Efficient alternative to conventional heating elements

Replace heat mats, heating foils and heating fleeces with innovative heating elements made of carbon fibers and benefit from the high efficiency of these surface heating elements.

Carbon-Heizmatte als Alternative für herkömmliche Heizmatten vom Hersteller TFP Technology

Heat mat

Compared to conventional heat mats, carbon heating elements are particularly impressive due to their precise temperature control, their adaptability to complex geometries and their energy efficiency. They are ideal for applications that place high demands on these factors.

Carbon-Heizmatte als Alternative für Heizfolie vom Hersteller TFP Technology

Heating foil / heating film

Carbon heat mats are more flexible and kink-resistant than heating foils or heating films. They can withstand higher area outputs and operating temperatures. Their low profile makes integration into various devices and applications much easier than the bulkier heating foils.

Carbon-Heizmatte als Alternative für Heizvlies vom Hersteller TFP Technology

Heating fleece

Heating fleeces with embroidered carbon fibers score over conventional heating fleeces above all with their faster heating,precise temperature control,high energy efficiency andeven heat distribution. We combine the advantages of nonwovens with those of carbon heating.

Carbon fiber heat mats / heating foils heat components and products in these and other applications

Living & Building

✓ Underfloor heating
✓ Wall heating
✓ Ceiling heating in residential buildings
✓ Mold protection
✓ Heating solution for industrial buildings


✓ Heating solution
✓ Frost protection for waste water tanks
✓ Temperature maintenance and heating
✓ Mold protection
✓ Temperature control of tools
✓ and much more.

Sport & Leisure

✓ Heating solution
Frost protection
✓ in caravans, caravans and motorhomes
✓ and much more.

Carbon heater from the manufacturer

  • Are you looking for a heating solution for fast and particularly even heat without hotspots?
  • Do you need a particularly light, thin, flexible and kink-resistant heat mat?
  • Are you looking for a manufacturer who will work with you to develop a customized heat mat with carbon fibers that heats your component exactly where you need the heat?

Get in touch with us! We look forward to your idea or challenge!

Anti-icing and de-icing with heat instead of chemicals

Use electric heating elements for quick and effective anti-icing or de-icing. They produce heat cost-effectively exactly where it is needed and are an environmentally friendly alternative to chemical de-icing agents.

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Heating systems with thermostat and control

Transform heat mats into heating systems with multi-stage switches, variable controllers or thermostats. They are suitable for mobile use with battery operation and stationary use with mains operation (12 or 24 V). With your logo and design on request.

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Heat mats for infrared radiators

Use heat mats with carbon heating conductors in your infrared heating system. They quickly generate a homogeneous and very pleasant heat and can be easily integrated into your infrared heating system for a variety of domestic, commercial and industrial applications. Learn more