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Turn heat mats into heating systems.

With multi-level switches

Variable controllers

or thermostat

For mobile use with battery operation

or stationary use with power supply operation (12 or 24 V)

With your logo on request.

Electric heating elements made by TFP Technology
Electric heating systems with thermostat and control

Our customized heating systems combine lightness with flexible heat at the touch of a button – perfect for mobile and fixed locations. Thanks to advanced temperature control and the highest safety standards, they offer maximum comfort and adaptability.

Elektrische Heizsysteme mit Thermostat und Steuerung vom Hersteller TFP Technology

Mobile heating systems for battery operation

You attach importance to:

  • Mobility
  • Low weight
  • A safe, controlled heat supply?

Then our heating elements are the right choice!

They are flexible and versatile in their application in different environments, e.g. in the medical field during emergency care of patients outdoors.

Operate our mobile heating systems conveniently using a rechargeable battery to achieve the best possible mobility.

Elektrische Heizsysteme mit Thermostat und Steuerung vom Hersteller TFP Technology

Heating elements with mesh part solutions

Also use electric heating systems in stationary locations, for example in seating areas. Operate them with a power supply unit with low voltage (12V or 24V). These systems guarantee a constant and controlled heat output with a high level of safety.

They are used in medicine, for example, in therapy beds to promote the healing process and the well-being of patients. In stadium seats, the individually adjustable heat can be adapted to your own needs, while the heating systems also create a cozy atmosphere in outdoor furniture.

Individual temperature control with thermostat and control unit

Multi-stage switches can be used for individual temperature control of our heating elements. This function is particularly useful in environments where flexible heat regulation is required, such as in the medical sector, during outdoor activities or for seat heating in cool weather conditions.

In addition to step switches and variable controllers, thermostat-supported systems can also be integrated. The thermostats enable even more precise temperature adjustment. At the same time, they offer increased safety with their overheating protection. If necessary, double insulation increases the safety standard by protection class 2.

Tailor-made electric heating systems from the manufacturer

Do you need a specific heating element? You define the dimensions, shape and properties – we implement them and develop your individual system.

In combination with functionality and efficiency, we also offer you branding opportunities. For example, we apply logos or specific designs to the outside to make your brand visible or to add notices.

Get in touch with us! We look forward to your idea or challenge!

Anti-icing and de-icing with heat

Use electric heating elements for quick and effective anti-icing or de-icing. They produce heat cost-effectively exactly where it is needed and are an environmentally friendly alternative to chemical de-icing agents.

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Carbon heat mats and heating foils

Use carbon fibers as heat conductors for heat transfer in carbon heat mats. They are light, thin, highly flexible and flame-retardant. They generate heat particularly quickly and distribute it evenly across the heating element without hotspots.

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Heat mats for infrared radiators

Use heat mats with carbon heating conductors in your infrared heating system. They quickly generate a homogeneous and very pleasant heat and can be easily integrated into your infrared heating system for a variety of domestic, commercial and industrial applications. Learn more