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Make your products stronger and more efficient.

With rigid + lightweight preforms made from fiber strands

with material-homogeneous, flexible heating elements

and seamlessly integrated sensors for intelligent functions.

TFP Technology
Your manufacturer for fiber preforms, electric heating elements and textile sensors

TFP Technology is your manufacturer for as semi-finished products for further processing in your products.

Tailored Fiber Placement
For your robust & durable products

You place high demands on the performance and durability of your plastic products – thermoplastics (polypropylene (PP), PEEK, polyamide 6 (PA6)) and thermosets (polyester resins, epoxy resins, silicones) – SMC material (mixture of reactive resins and glass fibers) or concrete. Are conventional production methods reaching their limits when it comes to the complexity of your components? Tailored fiber placement creates complex shapes and structures without complex machining steps or assembly processes. Do your applications require special mechanical or structural properties that are difficult to achieve with conventional manufacturing methods? With tailored fiber placement, we place a specific combination of fibers so that the components meet your requirements. Are you developing or optimizing materials for high-performance applications that need to be extremely light and at the same time extremely rigid and tensile? With tailored fiber placement, we maximize the strength of your components while keeping weight to a minimum. Tailored fiber placement opens up completely new possibilities for your products!

Targeted reinforcement through tailored fiber placement

Tailored fiber placement (TFP) is a process for manufacturing semi-finished textile products from fiber strands. Our CNC embroidery machines lay fiber strands (also known as rovings) made of carbon, glass fiber, aramid and other fibers onto flexible carrier materials. We align the fiber orientation individually to the force curves in your product. Between the stitches, the embroidery machines move the carrier material and embroider the fibers in the optimum fiber orientation. We can also easily integrate functional threads, sensors, wires or heating conductors in any shape into your fiber preforms during fiber laying. Alternatively, this process is also known as roving laying.

Benefit from tailored fiber placement


Cost-efficient production of complex preforms, textile sensors and heating elements

Complex structures

Production of complex patterns, layers or arrangements of fibers for precise reinforcement

Lightweight & stable

Lightweight fibers and carrier materials, but high rigidity due to optimal alignment


Individual combination of lightweight fibers (carbon, glass fiber, aramid, basalt, ...) and metals


Seamless integration of heating wires or sensor threads in fiber structures


Production with high repeat accuracy in small and large series

Reinforcement made from natural fibers for your sustainable products

If you attach particular importance to the sustainability of your products, use natural fibers instead of carbon or glass fiber. Natural fibers such as flax, hemp or jute are also suitable as rovings for tailored fiber placement. As renewable resources, they score points for their environmental friendliness compared to conventional fibers. They are biodegradable, very light and biocompatible. Natural fibers also offer you complete design freedom.

Sustainability is an important value in our company.

"Made in Germany" by TFP Technology

TFP Technology is your manufacturer for textile preforms, electric heating elements and sensor mats based in Falkenstein, Vogtland. The Saxon Vogtland has always been an important center of the German textile industry. On site, we find trained specialists for our technical embroidery, the basis for tailored fiber placement. With experienced and motivated employees from the region, we develop and produce the highest quality “Made in Germany”.

We develop customized preforms, heating elements and sensor mats that fit your products perfectly. A young and dynamic team of qualified personnel is at your side from the initial inquiry or idea through the development of layouts and implementation of prototypes to serial production.
We guarantee you flexibility and the shortest possible response times. Your satisfaction is our top priority!

We see ourselves as problem solvers.

Latest news

Faser-Preforms zur Verstärkung von Carbon-Felgen vom Hersteller TFP

Fiber preforms with carbon for UAVs and drones for industry

✓ Are you a manufacturer of innovative UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) for industry or the military?

✓ Do you want to make your drone lighter, more robust, more maneuverable or more durable?

✓ Are you looking for a supplier or manufacturer who will work with you to develop and cost-effectively manufacture a customized reinforcement for various parts of your UAV?

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TFP Preforms für Carbon-Polkappen für Wasserstofftanks

High-performance preforms for carbon pole caps for hydrogen tanks

✓ Are you a manufacturer of hydrogen tanks or carbon pole caps for hydrogen tanks?

✓ Do you need lightweight, pressure-resistant, corrosion-resistant and safe preforms for further processing in your pole caps?

✓ Are you looking for a supplier or manufacturer who can produce preforms for your pole caps cost-effectively using the TFP process?
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Sensormatte für  in industriellen Anwendungen vom Hersteller TFP

Sensor mat for doorbell mats, alarm step mats and contact mats

✓ Are you a manufacturer of innovative alarm mats or contact mats with sensors?

✓ Are you integrating sensors into your products that improve the safety or health of your customers?

✓ Are you looking for a manufacturer who can develop and cost-effectively produce customized sensor mats for various applications?

We develop and produce sensor mats as semi-finished products that you can use in your products for industrial and commercial applications.


Luft- und Raumfahrt

Aufgrund ihrer hohen Festigkeit bei gleichzeitig geringem Gewicht sind Faser-Preforms ideal für Komponenten, die leicht und doch stabil sein müssen.


Aufgrund ihrer hohen Festigkeit bei gleichzeitig geringem Gewicht sind textile Preforms ideal für Komponenten, die leicht und stabil sein müssen.


Faser-Preforms finden Anwendung in hochfesten, leichten Konstruk­tions­elementen, die für Brücken, Gebäude oder sogar in speziellen Bodenbelägen verwendet werden.