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Fiber reinforcement for carbon rims

Are you a manufacturer of carbon rims for cars, trucks, commercial vehicles, agricultural machinery, tuning parts or motorsport?

Do you need a lightweight and very strong reinforcement for further processing in your carbon rims using thermoset processes?

Are you looking for a supplier or manufacturer who will work with you to develop a customized reinforcement for your carbon rims and produce it for you at a reasonable price?

Then read on!

TFP Technology manufactures fiber preforms for further processing using thermoset or thermoplastic processes for you as a carbon rim manufacturer (B2B) – cost-efficiently and with a high level of reproducibility. Together with you, we develop an individual fiber preform for the targeted reinforcement of your carbon rims.

Tailor-made alignment of the fibers along the load lines and points of your carbon rims

Our innovative TFP process places carbon fibres in a targeted and precise manner to optimize the structure and strength of your end product.

In the case of carbon rims, TFP enables a customized alignment of the fibres along the load lines and points of the rim. This leads to improved structural integrity and performance of the rim, especially under extreme conditions such as high speeds or dynamic driving maneuvers.

We manufacture fiber preforms for the B2B market with a high level of reproducibility. You can process the semi-finished products we manufacture into your innovative products using thermoset or thermoplastic processes.

Carbon fiber rims offer a number of advantages and are not only popular with tuners and car enthusiasts. They are also becoming increasingly popular in motorsport.

You too can benefit from the advantages of the TFP process!

Car & Motorsport

Motorsport requires top performance from man and material. Carbon rims with tailor-made fiber reinforcement along the load lines and load points combine maximum performance with low weight.

Your customers benefit from:

  • Weight reduction for faster vehicle response and improved vehicle dynamics
  • High stiffness for optimum control and performance
  • Customized design for racing teams and vehicle owners

Trucks, commercial vehicles & agricultural machinery

Demanding environments and heavy loads place high demands on carbon rims.

With targeted fiber reinforcement from TFP, your rims will impress:

  • Weight reduction for improved fuel efficiency and higher payload capacity
  • High strength for high loads and stresses in commercial vehicles
  • Improved vehicle dynamics - traction, stability and maneuverability - for demanding off-road conditions or transporting heavy loads

Tuning parts

Carbon rims with targeted fiber reinforcement combine low weight, high strength, aesthetic appearance and optimized performance. With their carbon rims, car enthusiasts individualize and improve their vehicles, both in terms of appearance and performance.

Advantages of carbon rims with TFP process

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