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Sensor mat for doorbell mats, alarm mats and contact mats

✓ Are you a manufacturer of innovative alarm mats or contact mats with sensors?

✓ Are you integrating sensors into your products that improve the safety or health of your customers?

✓ Are you looking for a manufacturer who can develop and cost-effectively produce customized sensor mats for various applications?

We develop and produce sensor mats as semi-finished products that you can use in your products for industrial and commercial applications. We customize the size, shape, backing material and type and layout of the sensors to suit your contact mat or safety mat.

You simply integrate the semi-finished product into your production process so that your product meets your customers’ requirements.

Safety mat for more safety

To prevent accidents in industrial environments and protect the health of employees, contact mats / safety mats (also known as pressure sensor mats) are an indispensable safety measure.

We manufacture sensor mats, i.e. the inner workings of these intelligent mats, using a cost-effective embroidery process. We apply the sensor technology made of the finest strands to a suitable carrier material and manufacture a sensor mat as a semi-finished product that you can process further in your product.

The possible applications are extremely diverse, depending on the area of use. The mats are pressure-sensitive and are ultimately used to protect hazardous areas. For example, as soon as an employee takes a foot off the mat or touches the mat, a signal is triggered and the potential source of danger is immediately deactivated.

Safety mat sensor: focus on prevention

These intelligent mats are equipped with pressure-sensitive sensors. As soon as a person steps on the mat, the pressure is detected and a signal is triggered. This signal can trigger various functions, from simple alarms to the control of machines.

Safety mat sensors are particularly useful in areas where access is restricted or special precautions are required, such as near dangerous machinery or in areas with potential trip hazards.

Alarm mat: Immediate warning in case of danger

Alarm mats are another important area of application for contact mats. These mats are often placed in areas where there is an increased risk of accidents, such as near doors that open and close automatically or in areas where heavy loads are moved.

If a person steps onto the mat, an alarm is triggered immediately, indicating that someone is in the area. This enables employees to react quickly and avoid potential hazards.

Textile sensor mats for a wide range of applications

Textile sensor mats provide data from various sensors. They are suitable for a wide range of applications. We develop and manufacture customized textile sensor mats in various sizes and shapes with the right backing material for your application. You can easily integrate the semi-finished products into your production process.

Other industrial and commercial applications for sensor mats:

  • Logistics and warehousing:
    • Weight and volume control for monitoring the storage and transportation of shelves and pallets
    • Monitoring stock levels and material movements
    • Monitoring the load distribution on automated conveyor belts
  • Quality control
    • Monitoring production quality in test stations
    • Checking the production precision of assembly lines
  • Security and access control, e.g. entrance control, monitoring of emergency exits, separation of persons, etc.
  • Process monitoring and automation
  • Smart applications, including smart home applications

Bell mat for care and medical monitoring

Sensor mats (also known as bell mats) monitor patients in nursing and medical settings using various sensors, e.g. for pressure, temperature or weight, and alert nursing staff. When a patient leaves their bed or room, this often means an increased risk of falling.

A sensor mat registers movement and sends an alarm to care staff. They are also used in bedwetting alarm devices and other patient monitoring applications.

Sensor mat for sport and rehabilitation

Textile sensors provide valuable data for analyzing movement, improving technique and monitoring progress in sport and rehabilitation. They support athletes in optimizing their performance. They help patients to regain their full range of motion after musculoskeletal surgery.

We develop and manufacture sensor mats according to your specifications, e.g. for

  • Movement analysis and optimization, e.g. running analyses, bounce measurement
  • Injury prevention
  • Training feedback in strength and balance training and technique analysis
  • Gait and balance analysis, e.g. in the treatment of gait disorders or for fall prevention
  • Recording movement sequences after operations
  • Documentation of therapy progress

You can use these in your products for medical and industrial applications. We design the size, shape, carrier material and type and layout of the sensors to suit your individual application.

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